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Did you know that these animals rely on their sense of smell to find mates?

This taste that attracts the opposite sex is also called pheromones

Pheromone is also a unique taste in each animal. When they need to mate, their body will automatically produce this taste that can only be smelled by swiftlet to attract the opposite sex. It carries a lot of "information" to tell the other party I love you.

Because the swiftlet smell, it will stimulate them to produce a lot of hormones, and stimulate their brains to produce the urge to find a partner, so many people call this taste [hormonal]

​In Indonesia, this way of attracting swiftlet with taste is very common, and it is also one of the earliest ancient methods used to attract swiftlet, because there was no sound system in the early days (more than 100 years ago).


What is special about MDK's Bird's Nest Boosting Hormone (NBH)?

mdk nbh net extract.jpg

To make swallows truly have the desire to mate, one cannot just use swallow feces and ammonia to create a sense of security.

MDK hormones are distilled and extracted from feather oil, and then mixed with the cave taste familiar to their ancestors, which contains seaweed extracts. Therefore, this unique taste and formula can make them smell the effect of [dog jumping over the wall] in the future.

Because of this, many people may be worried about whether there is a ban on drugs?

Rest assured, pure natural,

❌no chemical products, will not harm swallows and humans


❌Swallow dung

❌Chemical composition

​I am interested in NBH Hormone

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Are you worried about the effect?

In fact, whether the effect is good or not is not our final say. Over the past 8 years, this product has been repeatedly ordered and used repeatedly by customers. Of course, there are many good testimonies. 🙏

​Nevertheless, this magical hormone is not magic. If there are other problems in the swallow house, such as natural enemies (snakes, owls, etc.), or if the swallow’s voice is not well controlled, or the flight path is not equal, we will give it to you. It is recommended that you wait for you to use this hormone after you make it better, and the effect will be very obvious.

This customer has not yet begun to attract swiftlet
already started using hormones

​Under the condition of very good results, he uses a lot every month and introduce many friends to use it together, eventually get very good results.

He said that using this hormone can help keep his new born birds, and you will see new bird's nests appear next to the old one after the little swiftlet flied away.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 11.43.52 PM

This customer said after using another popular aroma from Indonesia getting less birds playing. 

He decided to use MDK NBH then, and immediately many birds starts playing around.

MDK Nest Boosting Hormone still the best.

Having quick effectiveness

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 11.43.52 PM

This is a user sharing from a wechat group; where he found many little feathers on the floor after application of NBH. (Small feathers means the birds did mating).


WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 11.43.52 PM
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 11.43.52 PM

Another great review from customer having increment from 40 existing nest to 122 nest within 3 months after application of Nest Boosting Hormone.

How to use this hormone?

Choose in the weather without rain, it is best to use it in the morning for the first time

1. Shake evenly before opening and wear a mask

2. Dilute 3L of clean water with 1L of NBH

3. Spray at the swallow entrance (inside), roaming room, and many swallow nest areas

4. It is recommended to spray under the swallow board and on the swallow dung to let the smell slowly release

5. The use of water curtain, automatic spraying machine and other automatic spraying can help improve the effect

​Spray once every 2-3 weeks

​How long will it take to see the effect?

In most cases, you use it in the morning and go to the swiftlet house in the afternoon to observe the swiftlet;

In most of the cases, you will immediately find that the new swiftlet call more frequently and are more excited to fly.

​When you go home, you will find that the old swiftlet started flying into the swiftlet house with some little swiftlet. If you have these manifestations and use them regularly, you will soon see a lot of new bird dung, and soon you will start making nests.

​Make your swiftlet house instantly change

Heading 1Price: Original price 4L RM230; 1L RM95
Promotional offers now
4L RM210 + free shipping
1L RM65 + free shipping
*The offer is only for the first purchase (within Malaysia)


Money Back Guarantee [Unsatisfied with unconditional refund] *Users who purchased for the first time

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